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xxArte e Magia, Palazzo Roverella, Italy. September 29, 2018 – January 27, 2019

Photo : Johan af Klint


Hilma af Klint is represented with 2 paintings at the exihibition  “Arte e Magia” [Art and Magic] organized by Silvana Editoriale  at the Palazzo Roverella, Rovigo, Italy.

Address : Palazzo Roverella | Via Laurenti 8/10 | Rovigo | Italien
Dates : September 29, 2018 – January 27,2019
Curator : Francesco Parisi
Link :

Quote from the website of Palazzo Roverella (translated from Italian) :   

A new major exhibition which will trace the relationships between the esoteric currents in vogue between 1880 and the years following the First World War and their influence on the European figurative arts, from the symbolist movement to the successive historical avant-gardes. The exhibition will be curated by Francesco Parisi, who was also responsible for the recent exhibition on the European Secessions, admired by more than 42 thousand visitors, the second most visited exhibition in the history of Palazzo Roverella.

Exposed works from the Hilma af Klint Foundation collection :

HaK 238
Series Parsifal ,”The Ether Convolute”
Group I, no. 34.
Watercolour and pencil on paper
25 x 26 cm

HaK 494
Series IV, no. 6.
Oil on canvas
50 x 30 cm

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