COMING – Pinacoteca in São Paulo, Brazil. March 03 – July 16, 2018

The Ten Largest – Youth. Group IV, nr 3. HaK104. 321x240cm. 1907
Photo : Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Solo exhibition at the Pinacoteca in São Paulo, Brazil.

Address : Pinacoteca | Praça da Luz, 02 | São Paulo | SP, 01120-010 | Brazil
Dates : March 03 – July 16, 2018
Curator : Jochen Volz in collaboration with Daniel Birnbaum
Link to the exhibition :

Quote from the website of the Pinacoteca in São Paulo :   

The Pinacoteca de São Paulo presents for the first time in Latin America an exhibition by the Swedish painter Hilma af Klint (1862-1944). Her work is today considered one of the earliest markers of abstract art, but had remained unnoticed for large parts of the 20th century.

As a main highlight, the exhibition includes the series entitled The Ten Largest, realized in 1907, and today considered one of the first and most monumental works of abstract art in the Western world, since they precede the non-figurative compositions of artists contemporary to af Klint, such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Malevich. Each of The Ten Largest encompass 3,2 x 2,4 meters. Other series will be presented in São Paulo for the first time ever.

Exposed works :

130 pieces of the Hilma af Klint Foundation collection