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Intuition, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice. May 13 – November 26, 2017

Hilma af Klint is represented at the Group Exhibition Intuition at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.

Address : Palazzo Fortuny | San Marco 3958 | 30124 Venice | Italy
Dates : May 13 – November 26, 2017
Curators :
Co-produced with Axel & May Vervoordt  Foundation
Curated by Daniela Ferretti and Axel Vervoordt
Co-curated by Dario Dalla Lana, Davide Daninos and Anne-Sophie Dusselier
Links to the exhibition :

Quote from the website of Palazzo Fortuny :

Intuition, from the Latin intueor, is a form of knowledge that cannot be explained in words. It reveals itself in sudden flashes, images, sounds and experiences.

Therefore an exhibition that intends to explore the theme of intuition is bound to begin from humanity’s first attempts to forge an immediate relationship between heaven and earth: from the erection of totems, to shamanism and mystical ecstasy, from examples of epiphanic moments in religious iconography, such as the Annunciation, Visitation and Pentecost, to the potential for divine revelation through dreams.

From there, the field of investigation moves towards modernity: in the nineteenth century the themes of spirituality, dreams, mysticism, and the “panic” force in nature saw new developments and, at the dawn of the next century, played a decisive role in the birth of abstractionism, with the work of Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Hilma af Klint.

Exposed work :

Primordial chaos no 1
Grupp I. 1906
Oil on canvas
53 x 37cm

Primordial chaos no 2
Grupp I. 1906
Oil on canvas
53 x 36cm

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